Monday, August 01, 2011

Day Out in London

Yesterday, we all had a day out in London. The boys have never been to London so this was there first visit with so much to take in, completely different to our little town in Hertfordshire. Jim took the boys to the Science Museum and they were in there for an absolute age and still couldn't get around everywhere. Their visit to London was finished with a trip to Hamleys! Of course, they had so much fun playing with all the toys there and were lucky to come away with a toy each too!
Whilst they were off exploring, I was lucky enough to be having a group photography class with the fabulous and super talented Kirsty Wiseman and what a perfect day it was for it too, the weather was gorgeous! It is always so lovely when you eventually get to meet people face to face that you've 'spoken' with on Facebook or blogs. I was so pleased to have Rubina, Sarah and Fiona in my group. We had just the best day with many giggles along the way (not the best thing to be doing whilst trying to hold a camera still and take photos!!)

Kirsty is a super teacher and I came away with the exact knowledge I needed to improve the quality of my photos. Here are a couple of photos I wanted to share with you from yesterday.

Attempting to use the tree as a natural frame, focusing on the leaves.

This is my attempt at an asymmetry photo.

And finally at a continual photo.

I'm off out this afternoon for a walk with the boys and will be taking my camera along to keep practising what I learnt yesterday and will be back to share some of the photos I enjoy taking.

If you are interested in a DSLR photo course, check our Kirsty's blog as I know there are more courses available at different locations.



Kirsty Wiseman said...

im so proud of you - espesh the pics of your boys on your facebook x

Fiona said...

Hi Keilly,

I found your blog! Wasn't it a great day? Your photo's are fab and there are a couple of lovely ones of you which I down loaded on 'our site' this morning.
Your cards are stunning btw.